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Party! Like It's 1999! Pix!

Linux Fund's 10th Anniversary was a huge hit.

The blogs and tweets agree: "Ya shoulda been there."

Big thanks and a special shout out to sponsors
     Kaltura and MindTouch

If you were there, or just wish you had been there, click the links below for pix.

Source Forge Party, Pix
at OSCON Community Awards Event
59 images

OSCON Exhibits and People, Pix
166 images

Pix Of Safety Green at OSCON Exhibits
45 images

Random Images of Downtown San Jose
101 images

Photos of OSCON And The OSCON Parties
via Flickr, by Linux Fund Board Member Randal Schwartz

Photos of the Linux Fund Party and OSCON
via Flickr, by Pinar Ozger, OSCON's official Photographer.

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